Action Figures


Action Figures

How to be a Hero in 2019!

Everybody loves a hero!  As a kid, maybe you had a favorite.  And then, they started making action figures - like G.I. Joe and later on, Ninja Turtles. What if in 2019 you could be a real live action figure - a hero - at home, work, school or even in retirement? This series will help you discover how God wants to use you as a hero in the lives of people around you!

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  • Instruction Guide

    The Bible is known for developing heroes. January is a great time to start a plan to learn more of God’s word. This message will focus on passages that will help us learn how to be true action figures!

  • Action Figures at Home

    One of the hardest places to be a hero is at home! It’s there that we seem to have the least patience, the quick temper and the selfish motives. But, real action figures use their superpowers at home first!

  • Holy Switcheroo, Batman!

    The way to be a real action figure to those around you requires us to allow God to change us from the inside out. We must become a new creation, prepared to fight the “Joker” who wants to hold us back from being the person God wants us to be.

  • What’s Your Kryptonite?

    Everybody has an “it” - that hurt, habit, or hang-up that seems to keep us from being a superhero. Superman had Kryptonite, David Banner - a/k/a The Hulk - had a temper issue, Batman could never save enough, do enough, be enough. It’s true in real life too! David had Bathsheba, Paul had a “thorn,” Sampson had Delilah. We all have our flaws. The question is how to live with them, even overcome them, to become the action figure God wants us to be.

  • Finding Your Sidekick

    Batman had Robin, The Lone Ranger had Tonto, Captain America had Bucky. Virtually every superhero had one, someone they took under their wing, fought side by side with and trained with. As God’s action figures, we need sidekicks too - someone we are investing in, training up, and helping to grow in the faith.

  • How to Be the Best Action Figure Ever

    So, what’s the formula? How can I ever be an Action Figure - the person God intended?