Current Bible Studies

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Current Bible Studies

Women’s Bible Studies:

  • Encountering God by Kelly Minter - January 10th (7 weeks) at 10:00 am in Pairs and Spares. Led by Margaret Porter and Cheryl Colson.
  • Now that Faith has Come: Study of Galatians by Beth Moore – January 11th (7 weeks) from 9:30-11:30 am on Wednesday mornings in Potpourri SS Room. Led by Jamie Bone.
  • The God I Never Knew by Robert Morris - January 11th (7 weeks) at 10:00am on Wednesday mornings in Jars of Clay SS Room. Taught by Karen Reissiger.
  • Supernatural by Carolyn Moore will be taught by Jennifer Sumner beginning on January 18th (9 weeks) at 6:30pm in the Pairs & Spares SS Room.

Men’s Bible Studies:

  • Wednesday morning at 7:00 am – led by Jimmy Towson (began January 11th) Ongoing
  • Thursday morning at 7:00 am – led by Matt Lawrence (began January 5th) Ongoing