If you are a major league pitcher, a good curveball can make or break you.  But, if you’re like the rest of us, curveballs in life tend to break us more than make us.  This series will prepare us to deal with the curveballs we often face in life through our faith in Jesus Christ.

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  • I Wasn't Expecting That

    After Jesus’ ascension, the Disciples (like all other Jews of the time) wanted immediate relief from Roman oppression. They wanted Israel to rule again in the Promise Land. But - things didn’t quite work out that way. How did the Disciples react? When things don’t work out as planned, what do I do? The Disciples trusted God. We must trust Him too, even when life throws us a curveball.

  • Are You In The Game?

    When you stand in the batter's box, all sorts of pitches will come your way; but if you're not even standing in the batter's box, then you're not technically in the game. So when the curveballs of life start coming, are you standing in the correct spot to be able to handle them?

  • I Can’t Take It Back

    In the heat of the moment, my mouth took control, but I didn’t really mean it that way. When I said something I regret, how can I make it right?

  • Would You Go?

    Ever consider that sometimes it’s God that throws the curveballs of life at us? What happens when God asks us to do something or go somewhere that’s outside our comfort zone. Do you respond with obedience – would you go?

  • What Changed?

    Are all curveballs a bad thing? God threw the greatest curveball of all at Pentecost when he sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in his believers. Maybe from God’s perspective, curveballs are for our benefit!

  • It Isn't Fair!

    Does God expect us to hit every pitch every time? What happens when what life throws at us isn't fair? Our response to the curveballs of life will tell others a lot about God as they watch our reactions.

  • Foul Ball!

    We always think of other people throwing curveballs, but sometimes it's us! We cause foul balls and have to respond accordingly in a holy manner that makes restitution with those we've wronged.

  • Good Eye

    Of course, it would be the enemy who wants to throw the worst curveballs of all at us. But if we have a “good eye” and can learn to identify the pitch and have patience, we have the authority to take the enemy out of the game!