Disaffiliation Information

Park Avenue Disaffiliation timeline.

Below is a timeline of events in 2021 & 2022 for Park Avenue's disaffiliation from the UMC. Click on the links for more information.


March 21st

Rev. Jimmy Towson gave a church-wide State of the UMC Address to the congregation during the Sunday School Hour.

July 13th

Rev. Jimmy Towson & the Chair of Administrative Council gave a presentation and an update on the UMC at an Administrative Council Meeting.

August 12th

Released a promo video informing congregation of the upcoming Crossroads Survey.

August 19th – September 2nd

The Crossroads Survey was available online to members and regular attenders.Note: Due to the launch of the Global Methodist Church denomination and the delay of the vote on the Separation Protocol, sales have been suspended for the Crossroads Survey. Click here for a copy of the questions asked in Park Avenue's survey.

October 12th

Crossroads Survey results were published.

November 4th

Protocol Study Team presentation to Administrative Council with vote to pursue disaffiliation.

November 23rd

Phone conversation with District Superintendent Rev. Paula Lewis re: Park Avenue’s vote to pursue Conditional Disaffiliation

December 5th

Rev. Jimmy Towson and a member of the Protocol Study Team gave a church-wide address during the Sunday School hour sharing an update on the conditional disaffiliation process.

December 10th

Emailed Bishop & DS Rev. Paula Lewis from Rev. Jimmy Towson with copy of Park Avenue’s Disaffiliation Resolution.

December 14th

Official notification from Administrative Council Chair, Judge Richard Cowart to DS Rev. Paula Lewis of Park Avenue’s decision to pursue Conditional Disaffiliation.


January 10th

Luncheon for senior adults presented by Rev. Jimmy Towson & key lay leader.

January 13th

“Informal” Administrative Council Meeting with DS Rev. Paula Lewis per conference guidelines for disaffiliation.

Click here for the Conference Guidelines.

February 1st

Church newsletter front page article by Rev. Jimmy Towson – Passing the Torch

February 24th

Sent a detailed email to the congregation explaining “why” and “why now” of disaffiliation. Included what would happen if we did or did not disaffiliate.  An accompanying video update was included.

February 28th – March 9th

Conducted a church-wide 10 days of prayer and fasting which included daily worship services, called Talk. Listen. Move.

March 1st

Church newsletter front page article by Rev. Jimmy Towson – Church Vote on Disaffiliation

March 5th

Rev. Jimmy Towson gave a video update upon the announcement of General Conference being cancelled and the announcement of the launch of the Global Methodist Church. This was emailed to the congregation.

March 7th

Sent an email to members giving information on the upcoming disaffiliation vote. This included a brief FAQ + the ballot language.

March 8th

Emailed members about day-of last-minute voting information we received from the DS’s Office.

March 9th

Called Church Conference Vote on Disaffiliation

March 10th

Official Press Release given to local journalist and published on website and social media accounts.

July 6th

Park Avenue officially disaffiliated from the UMC, becoming Park Avenue Church.

July 24th

Park Avenue Church votes to join the Global Methodist Church by unanimous vote at a Church Conference during the 10:00am Sunday School hour. Click here to read the email sent to the congregation.