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Family Time


Family Time

We’re heading into the Holidays which means time with family - like it or not!  Some look forward to it; others dread it.  Yet, it was God’s design that we be part of a family - the good ones!

Today's families need direction, hope, and encouragement. If Christianity doesn’t work in the home, it doesn’t work anywhere.  These messages are intended to help us develop healthy families, improve the good ones and repair the bad ones.

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  • Welcome To The Family

    Sometimes we find ourselves asking, “Can’t I do without my family?” But families are important! God has Jesus come into this world in a family; and Christians are adopted by God and called his sons and daughters.

  • A Fulfilling Life

    The foundation for any family must be in the LORD. Does your family have a good foundation? Where is Christ among your priorities? If we don’t acknowledge our brokenness - then we won’t get to the point where we realize our need for Christ.

  • We Put the “Dys” in Dysfunctional!

    So you think your family is dysfunctional? How many families in America are dysfunctional? According to what we see on Facebook - none! But the reality is - virtually every family has some form of dysfunction at some point. How would Christ want us to handle it? Are we enabling it or disabling it?

  • All In the Family

    Your family may have been dysfunctional or non-existent, but we all have the chance to be part of a bigger family - that loves each other, no matter what - joined together by Christ. God says to us, “You have a place at my table.”