Joy to the World


Joy to the World

The angel told the shepherds that he brought “good news” of “great joy” to “all people.”  Can it really be good and great, and for all people?  It is not just news, it is “good” news!  It’s not just joy, it’s “great” joy!  What would it take for YOU to believe this Good News and find Great Joy this Christmas?

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  • Joy in our Shepherd’s Care

    Having JOY in unmet expectations & unexpected circumstances.

  • Joy May Come Through Suffering

    In the Kingdom of God, suffering isn’t a form of punishment reserved for the disobedient. We know that even the obedient suffer. Jesus shatters any notion that a perfect life exempts us from suffering. He was without sin, and yet He suffered far more than any other. Being God’s son, didn’t disqualify Jesus from suffering. In fact, his suffering far exceeded our comprehension. Yet, he had JOY. Can we find that same JOY in our suffering?

  • Unexpected Joy

    We experience JOY as we become more like him. When we adopt the attitude of Christ and empty ourselves of our rights, we take on a servant form and find we are filled with JOY just as Jesus promises.

  • Joy is Contagious

    Real JOY always compels us to tell someone else what we have experienced. When God does a work in our lives - answers prayers, comforts us with His presence, and makes HIs power known - we can’t help but be filled with the JOY that comes from knowing Him and His power. The natural response is to tell others!

  • Joy Comes in the Presence of Jesus

    What would you do if you have witnessed what the shepherds saw that night? Instead of running for cover, one shepherd responded by saying, “Let’s go to Bethlehem! " What a bold move! What would it take for you to say, “We’ve got to go and see this?” Could it be that tonight the Lord is telling you about his love for you - love that came down, love that is Good News, love that brings Great JOY!