One of the main goals of the church is to help people become mature followers of Christ. What is often neglected is the fact that we cannot be spiritually mature if we are emotionally immature. We cannot be spiritually healthy if we are mentally unhealthy. Pastoral counseling assists people in addressing complex spiritual, emotional, and mental issues that might prevent them from following Jesus to their fullest potential and living the abundant life which Jesus promises his followers.

The goal of Park Avenue’s counseling ministry is to assist people in some of the most difficult times in their lives by providing a listening ear, a calming presence, helpful resources, and a sense direction informed by biblical wisdom. Pastoral counselors are fully trained in the most current clinical mental health theories and techniques, while maintaining the Word of God as the ultimate authority in our lives.

The counseling process is completely confidential. This confidentiality is designed to enable those seeking help to speak freely without fear of judgement. The counseling room is meant to be a safe haven for those seeking direction and comfort.

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