Sunday School

Sundays @ 10:00am

Growing deeper in our faith is part of being a committed follower of Jesus Christ. Sunday School provides an environment that enables and encourages us to pursue God alongside fellow believers.

We would love for you to join a Sunday School class! Park Avenue Church has a thriving Sunday School and many classes to choose from. Sunday School meets on Sunday mornings at 10:00am. There's no need to let anyone know you're coming. Visitors are always welcome!

Contact Rev. Jamie Bone, Associate Pastor, at (229) 242-3562 if you have any questions.



Teacher: Todd Wilson & John Holt
This class is for couples and singles and is based on scripture through the lens of grace to help navigate life. Ages 30+

Chapel Class


Teacher: Bonnie Rackley, Carol Woodall, Becky McCracken, Leggett Lovan
This class studies scripture through a structured weekly curriculum that helps class members learn more about the grace and love of God. Ages 65+

Christian Homebuilder


Teacher: Kathy Wright
What a wealth of knowledge abounds in this room! This class is active, fun, caring, loving, welcoming, and most of all, committed in service to God and the ministries of PAC. Ages 75+


(Guest Services)

Teacher: Patrick & Jennifer Carlson
Bible-based teaching that will help to equip young adults for life by gaining a deeper understanding of the Lord. Ages 18+

Covenant Class

(Choir Room)

Teacher: Rev. Jamie Bone
This class places a high emphasis on growing in knowledge of the Bible. There are no demographic limitations. All that is needed is a desire to know more of God’s Word and will. All Ages.

Fellowship Class


Teacher: David Tart, Jacki Beasley, Brack Pound, Pete Supp, Janice Evans
This class is a close-knit, supportive group of senior adults with strong convictions. They are guided by a weekly dated curriculum. Ages 75+

Grace Dennis


Teacher: LouAnn Cannon, Bucky Anderson, JoAnna Boylan, Janice Evans, Jeanne Brown, David Tart
This warm, friendly, caring class seeks to study the Bible and discuss the meaning and relevance of scriptures in daily life. They hold social functions throughout the year and are active in the life of the church. Ages 60+



Teacher: Jennifer Sumner
This class has couples at various stages of family life. Lessons vary from topical to scriptural. Everyone has a great opportunity to grow in Christ and make supportive friendships. Ages 40+

Jars of Clay


Teacher: Jimmy LeFiles, Mimi Wetherington, Bobby Merriman, Charles Judd
This class includes adults of all ages and encourages open discussion about a variety of topics such as current social events and how God’s Word applies to us. Ages 40+

Life Builders


Teacher: Jack Hartley
A diverse class made up of mostly couples that enjoy meeting new people and having spirit-filled lessons that discover Biblical truths. Ages 55+

New Beginnings


Teacher: Richard Cowart, Greg Voyles, Scott Peterman, Greg Talley
This class enjoys lecture-based lessons from the Bible, is active in the life of PAC and shares many opportunities of fellowship throughout the year. Ages 40+

Pairs & Spares


Teacher: Terry Hiers
This is a diverse class of single and married adults. Lessons are biblically based resources that relate scripture to daily life. They are very active and participate in several functions throughout the year. Ages 50+



Teacher: Missy Rayburn, Laura Jones
This class is a diverse and caring group of individuals who are serious about growing in their spiritual walk. They have a strong focus on discussing the Word and its application in everyday life. Ages 50+



Teacher: Andy & Hilary Gibbs
Reignite reaches out to graduate students and young professionals who are looking to engage in community and study scripture. This class has a deep love for the Lord and is excited for other young professionals to join and grow in the Word. Ages 22+

Salt & Light


Teacher: Rob Rickert
This class is for singles and couples desiring to grow in their faith and get plugged in to PAC. This dynamic, Bible-based class encourages group discussion in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Ages 25+

Contact Jamie


Rev. Jamie Bone

Associate Pastor
(229) 242-3562