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Mountain Views


Mountain Views

There is something about the view from the top of a mountain, isn’t there?  From some mountains, you can see for miles and miles, and the view takes your breath away. The air is cooler, fresher and lighter.  Pausing at an overlook, you get a sense of just how incredible and how vast is God’s creation, and are reminded of just how small we are.

Some people risk their lives to experience the view from the tallest mountain on earth.  To see the world below from the top of the world has to be breathtaking (literally and figuratively).  Is it because on the summit of Mt. Everest one is above the fray of the world?  Could it be that on the summit one is closer to heaven and our Father in heaven?

There are some amazing views from seven mountains in the Bible too.  This sermon series will explore seven mountain views - encounters with God that changed the climbers forever.  As we ascend each mountain, you and I will be challenged, encouraged and equipped for the hills and valleys of our lives.  So, get ready to climb!

Travel Notes Book

Mountain Views is part of our theme for 2022 - Blazing New Trails. Therefore, we have a new travel notes journal for sermon notes through the series!

You can download a digital copy of the Travel Notes below. For a physical copy, stop by the Church Office to pick up your Travel Notes journal and all 7 Mountain View badges!

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