Moving People Closer to Christ


Moving People Closer to Christ

This is not just a new sermon series, this is who we are! How is God calling you to move closer to Christ? Whether you're a new believer, long-time follower, or aren't even sure if you believe, everyone can take a step closer to Christ!

Through a series of parables and lessons by Jesus Christ, we'll explore what it means to be a Christian who is actively living out his or her faith - someone who is Moving Closer to Christ.

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  • Whatever It Takes!

    Mark 2 records a story of four friends dropping their paralyzed friend through a hole in the roof in order to be close to Jesus. Who are you in this story? Are you blocking the way to Jesus; hindering the paralytic from getting to Jesus? Or are you one of the four friends willing to do what it takes to get others to Christ? Do you look like you are following Jesus but you really aren’t?

  • The Lost Coin: People Matter

    The parable of The Lost Coin is sandwiched between the parables of the Lost Sheep and the Lost Son, but differs because the coin has no idea that it’s lost. Could it be that we have people sitting in the church who are lost, but don’t even know it? Jesus commands the church to search for the lost coin – the lost people; but when found, just like the woman who wipes away the filth from the coin and doesn’t save it, so does Jesus wipe away our sins and doesn’t remember it.

  • The Lost Son: No Explanation Needed

    Life is about movement – we’re either moving toward or away from God. The story of The Lost Son has three movements – moving away, coming to his senses, and coming home. He realized he needed saving from his current situation. So who did he turn to? He came home to the Father, just like we’re called to do when we find ourselves away from God.

  • The Lamp: Can You Hear Me Now?

    In the parable of The Lamp, Jesus gives us a glimpse at how we’re to live our lives. Are we living as the light, or are we keeping others in the darkness?

  • Abraham & Lazarus: No Do-Overs

    We only get one shot at life. The Rich Man in this parable missed his shot. Have we made the right choices? The only chance we get to move closer to Christ is on this side of eternity.

  • The Unworthy Servants: Not Everybody Gets a Trophy

    Have we failed the next generation by giving everyone a trophy? Are we teaching our kids that they are to get special recognition just for showing up? How might that attitude impact the way we live out our faith? Unwarranted self-esteem and spiritual pride keep us from moving closer to Christ. Today’s parable challenges us to live out our faith without expectations of special recognition. That’s a lesson in humility we all could use!

  • The Persistent Widow: Never, Ever Give Up

    What do you do when you can’t see over the mountain in front of you? This parable will help us learn to be faithful even when we don’t know the results of our efforts. When we live by faith, we are not to give up. As we wait for God to show up, how might we use this time as an opportunity to grow in character, faith and hope?

  • The Two Sons: No Go!

    Ever feel like a phony, a fraud? Or, find yourself just going through the motions? Put on a good show, but feel empty inside? What if you could end that charade? This message will encourage you to be true to who God wants you to be.

  • The Platform: Who Do You Want?

    The choice to go free. Will it be Barabbas or Jesus? Is it possible that there is a love so scandalous, so wide, so deep, so high and expansive, so welcoming, so intense that says, “Give me your sins, I’ll take them! Let me have them!” This sermon will ask, “Why Jesus?” Never assume that just because God is silent that he isn’t moving!