The Wonder of Christmas


The Wonder of Christmas

Christmas is such a magical time to celebrate with family and friends. Remember candlelight Christmas Eve services?  The glow? The warmth of the smiles?  Remember when you woke up early Christmas morning and raced downstairs to see the tree and all the gifts - wondering what each contained.  Such joy, laughter and expectation filled that special night and day!  Want to recapture some of that this year?  Join us as we explore the Wonder of Christmas, a 5-week sermon series.

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  • The Wonder of a Promise

    You’ve heard promises before, and you think, “Yeah, right?” But have you taken the time to visit the promises God made of the Coming Messiah? This is a promise that was kept! It was beyond the Israelites imagination. The wonder of this promise is for us all! Christ is coming!

  • The Wonder of Preparation

    How do you prepare for Christmas each year? Is it even a question we think about during the Advent season? That’s the question though – in light of what’s coming, how do we prepare? In our preparation, there are things we need to stop doing, and some things we need to start doing!

  • The Wonder of Participation

    In the Wonder of Christmas, God has a part and we have a part. God’s part - to enter into our world. Our part - to enter into His! We are not expected to be mere bystanders in this great story! We are expected to get in the game, roll up our sleeves, do our part too!

  • The Wonder of Reality

    Christmas is a great time to consider the wonder of the reality of what God did over 2000 years ago. God became flesh and dwelt among us. It’s still hard to believe, even harder to understand how it could happen - but it’s the reality. This reality is the center of God’s love and should be the center of our existence. I “wonder” if we have grasped the reality of this truth (and love)?

  • The Wonder is Here

    Finally, He is here! All is well! Christ has come and will come again!

  • The Wonder of Hope

    What are your hopes and dreams for 2019? New job, home, husband? Better health? Less worries about finances, family, terrorism, shootings? Is your hope simply more peace? Now that Christ has come, our hope is so much closer!