One Story, His Story


One Story, His Story

Everybody loves a good story, right? Maybe you like to curl up with a good book, getting lost in its pages. Or maybe you prefer to sit down and watch a movie that transports you to a far away place, allowing you to escape reality for a couple of hours. Stories move us, challenge us, inspire us and can even change us, and everybody loves a good one.

There’s one story that does all of these things - it’s the Story of God. Do you know His Story in its fullness? Is it One Story in the Old and New Testaments?

And, what about your story? You have one, you know. But, have you figured out how your story fits in HIs story?

To help answer these questions, we invite you to join us for ONE STORY - HIS STORY, a 7-week sermon series designed to explore God’s story and how His Story becomes our story. We’ll look at stories from the Old Testament to see how they are connected to the New Testament, and as we do, the layers of who God is and His One Story of love for us all will be revealed.

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  • The Cover

  • Beginnings

  • God Who Provides

  • My Body

  • One Door

  • Lifted Up

  • Worthy