Park Avenue Church Center



Download the new Church Center App!

A few weeks ago, Pastor Jimmy announced to our church that we were in the process of changing our church database system that we use to run the ministries of Park Avenue. We’re excited about this change because it makes it so much easier for you and your family to connect with what’s happening at Park Avenue Church! Our new database is called Planning Center Online (PCO).

A key feature of PCO is the My Church Center website and mobile app. This is where you can find groups, registrations, calendars, sermons, give online; and coming soon, an online directory and pre-check for children’s check-in!

You can access our My Church Center on the web at:

To get the My Church Center app on your mobile device, search for “church center app” in your app store, and download. Click the icon to get started! The set-up process will look similar to this:

  • Allow notifications to your device. This way you won’t miss any important news happening at Park Avenue, your Sunday School, your kid’s activities, etc.
  • Search for the location of our church. You can do this by selecting “Use my location” or “search manually”.
  • Find and select “Park Avenue Church” and then click “This is my church”
  • You’ll be asked to enter your mobile number or email address to gain access to our system.
  • A Church Center login security code will come to the mobile number or email address you enter. This is a safety feature so not just anyone can access our database.
  • Login!
  • You can enable Face ID if your device supports that feature.

 Note that the Church Office will no longer have the ability to change your password or username. You can do all this yourself through Planning Center if you ever forget your login details.

 So what exactly is My Church Center?

My Church Center is your new home base for Park Avenue—where you can see important updates and notifications regarding anything you’re involved in at Park Avenue Church all in the same place.

From the My Church Center tab, you can see and respond to:

  • Scheduling requests and confirmations in Services (this is for volunteers who are scheduled)
  • Bookmarked events in the church-wide Calendar
  • Upcoming events you’ve signed up for in Registrations
  • Upcoming calendar items and RSVP requests from events in Groups, like your Sunday School class.

My Church Center is a centralize location for information about what’s going on in the life of our church, and to make it easy for you to participate at Park Avenue!