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Why Talk. Listen. Move.?

These are the words that illustrate an effective prayer life.

With the turmoil of our nation and world in 2020, our church felt led to get on our knees before the Lord and pray like we've never prayed before. With the support and encouragement of our staff and lay leaders, we developed Talk. Listen. Move. 21 Days of Prayer.

Beginning in October 2020, we held a daily morning guided prayer service for 21 days to learn how to pray, to worship, to unify the body of Christ, for a spiritual awakening, and to see a powerful move of God in our midst.

A Prayer Guide and a few other tokens were given throughout the 21 days to encourage spiritual growth and a deeper relationship with God.

The format of the Prayer Services included a time of worship, teaching, individual prayer, and corporate prayer.

A Small Group curriculum was also developed to accompany the 21 Days of Prayer. Those videos can be found in the 21 Days YouTube playlist (below) with discussion questions found in the back of the 21 Days Prayer Guide book.

This was a new experience for Park Avenue! We asked our congregation to get up early like Jesus did (Mark 1:35) and join together to pray for 21 Days.


Click here to download the commitment card.

Watch TLM 21 Days of Prayer

The following playlist includes a few additional TLM services that were not part of a particular series.

Prayer Prompts

At the conclusion of our 21 Days of Prayer, we posted the following prayer prompts on social media on what would be days 22 - 28 to continue to encourage a habit of daily prayer.

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Monday - Pray for our Country & National Leaders
Tuesday - Pray for Our State and Local Leaders
wednesday - pray for our church, pastors, staff and church leaders
Thursday- pray for the world and spiritual warfare
Friday - Pray for friends, family, enemies
saturday - pray for those who don't know Christ
Sunday - Pray for adoration - Praise the Father