Seeing 2020


Seeing 2020

Ever wish you could see the future?  That way, you could plan for what is coming.  But, too often our vision is clouded.  As we begin a New Year, what if you could have clearer vision for 2020?  

What if the things that blur your vision, hold you back, keep you from becoming who you want to be could be removed?  What if you started 2020 with a better understanding of who you will be in the coming year?  That’s what God desires for you.  This 5 week sermon series will give you better vision  for a better life in 2020!

Sermon Notes are found on the Park Avenue UMC App. Text paumcapp to 77977 to get a link to download the App.

  • Seeing Shame Silenced

  • Seeing Unforgiveness Unanchored

  • Seeing Rejection Recede

  • Seeing Condemnation Collapse

  • Seeing Fear Flee