Sermon Series


From fear to fascination, intrigue to intimidation, the world of sharks captivates us all.  Truthfully, life is a lot like swimming with sharks! From co-workers to family, fear, sin, finances and more- they’re circling, waiting for the right moment to attack.  How do you survive a shark attack?  Better yet, what if could you avoid the attack all together? If you want to know how to navigate the shark-infested waters of day-to-day living, then join us for Swimming with Sharks!

Part 1: Shark Infested Waters

Part 2: Shark Tank

Part 3: Feeding Frenzy

Part 4: The Invisible Shark

Part 5: Recovering from a Shark Attack


What's your motivation for why you do what you do? Why do you get up everyday and do what you do? Our WHY matters because the right WHY is inspiring - it can inspire your kids, grandkids, co-workers, classmates. Your WHY is a legacy worth leaving behind.

Part 1: Why Me?

Part 2: Why Not Now?

Part 3: Why Give?

Testimony: Why Give 1

Testimony: Why Give 2

Part 4: Why Here?

Testimony: Why Here?