Swimming With Sharks


Swimming With Sharks

  • Shark Infested Waters

    Life is a lot like swimming with sharks. These sharks represent the struggles that circle us, closing in for the kill. They can be any number of things – past mistakes or failures, relationships, missed opportunities, bad choices, sin, circumstances beyond our control – you name it! The reality is – sharks are out there – we can’t live “shark free.” And we can’t outswim them. But, Jesus has promised that we can live with them.

  • Shark Tank

    Relationships – friends, family, co-workers, classmates – whatever form - one shark that circles us all can be summed up in “family.” Maybe your family is perfect, but for the rest of us there are times when our family drives us crazy.

  • Feeding Frenzy

    Stress and worry over finances, dead-end jobs, relationships, world peace, health, marriage or not – you name it - when these sharks start circling, a feeding frenzy begins. The frantic pace of life, pressure to perform, to be, to impress – it’s a lot! Is it possible to have faith and fear at the same time? How do we keep fear from paralyzing us?

  • The Invisible Shark

    You don’t see this shark coming. It’s invisible, but it may be the deadliest of all. This shark is FEAR. It swims around inside us, attacks from within and can destroy us, but only if we let it.

  • Recovering from a Shark Attack

    Once the shark attacks, how do we recover? Some bites leave deep wounds the scars are noticeable, often obvious. How do we overcome the fear of getting back in the water?