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Living Out the "Bigger Than Me" Life

September 11 - 22, 2023

Weekdays at 6:00am // Saturday at 9:00am
in the Sanctuary
Sunday Morning: regular worship schedule at 8:55 and 11:00am

At Park Avenue Church, we're accepting the challenge from God to Follow in Faith and live a Bigger Than Me Christian life. But how do we practically life that out in our day-to-day life? We're addressing that challenge in a Talk. Listen. Move. (TLM) September 11th -22nd.

How does conversation and talking with God on a regular basis fit in the understanding that my life as a Christian is Bigger than Me? Because if I’m not talking to God - then I’ll never embrace the Bigger than Me Christian Life.

During TLM, we'll focus on “conversation/intimacy” with God, emphasizing the "Listen" part of TLM.  Listening to God is part of the Bigger than Me experience of Explore and Embrace. We want to focus on celebration of what God is doing in the life of our church and praise Him for moving in our lives.

We'll also be praying over the ministries that will take place in our new building. We'll focus on praying for the mission of Park Avenue Church to reach Valdosta, our state, Nation, and world for Christ.


Download the TLM Listen Book

There will be t-shirts for sale! Shirts will cost $10.00 and will be for sale before and after each TLM.

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