The Promises of Jesus


The Promises of Jesus

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  • Seek

    THE VINE: The most widely used plant form in Christian art, this symbolism represents the relationship between God and human beings in Jesus Christ. Jesus expresses the necessity of the connection between the vine and branches in John 15:5.

  • Come

    YOKE: A yoke is a harness used by oxen or other large animals to ease the work of hauling a load. In ancient culture, the word yoke was also used to describe submission. To be yoked to Jesus is to obey the gospel of Christ and yield ourselves to the Lord.

  • Ask

    ALL-SEEING EYE: Often depicted enclosed in a triangle, the all-seeing eye represents the all-knowing, all-powerful, ever-present God. The symbol represents the divine providence of God and emphasizes the personal nature of God in his care and watchfulness.

  • Peace

    OLIVE BRANCH: Ever since the dove’s return to Noah with an olive branch from the flood, the branch symbolizes peace and respite from trouble.

  • Teach

    THE DOVE: The Holy Spirit is a Christian’s greatest teacher. In Christian art, the Holy Spirit and Truth are symbolized as a dove.

  • Possibilities

    PALM BRANCH: A symbol of victory and triumph, the palm branch is a reminder of the seemingly impossible task Jesus took to overcome sin and death. His victory on the cross brings salvation to those who are in Christ, and our own triumph over death.

  • Joy

    CROWN: The crown is a sign of royalty and symbol of authority, representing Christ’s victory through the cross and His sovereignty over the world. Jesus reigns as King forever!