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What Is Talk. Listen. Move.?

These are the words that illustrate an effective prayer life.

Over the last several years, we've found ourselves asking the question, “What in the world is going on?”  and saying “I don’t know” more than anyone ever should.  We recognized we aren't alone. As we look around our country and world, we sense that God has more for us, for our lives, and more for our nation.

We know there is hope, and we believe it’s time to get on our knees and prayer, like we have not prayed in a long time!

But prayer isn’t meant to be a last resort, an obligation, or even difficult. In fact, many people don't know how to get started in prayer. So we created Talk. Listen. Move. to teach and guide our church through a deeper prayer life.

In 2020, our church embarked on a 21-day guided prayer service as we learned how to pray, we worshiped, and as we sought to be a unified body of Christ expecting spiritual awakening and a powerful move of God in our midst. These services were called Talk. Listen. Move. as these are the three essential elements to an effective prayer life; talking to God, listening to Him, and then moving on what He's directing us to do.

We repeated TLM in 2021 during Holy Week as we mediated on Christ's journey to the Cross.

In 2022 as we drew closer to the church vote to disaffiliate from the UMC, we felt called as a local body of Christ to 10 Days of Prayer & Fasting as we sought the Lord's will and direction.

The format of the TLM Prayer Services included a time of worship, teaching, individual prayer, and corporate prayer. A prayer guide was provided for both the 21 days and 10 day prayer & fasting.

You can find information on each of the TLM programs below.

Talk. Listen. Move. and seek God!

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